The Violence Project

2022 – shortlist

2022 – shortlist – The Violence Project


New Media for Visual Arts Laboratory

School of Visual & Applied Arts – Faculty of Fine Arts
AUTH – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

The selection of videos is curated by Gioula Papadopoulou, art director of the international festival Video Art Miden ( and member of the teaching staff at the New Media Lab.


Participating students:
Lefteris Tastsoglou
Olga Papadima
Tania Foustana
Thomas Michael Alves Nogkoueira
Nefeli Morogianni
Eleni Iatropoulou
Yiannis Katranitsas
Georgios Othonos
Manolis Kotrotsios
Despina Douzi
Dimitra Tzalavreta
Natasha Mavromatidou
Christina Kazantzi
Irini Sereti

New Media Lab teaching staff:
Georgios Katsangelos (Professor, Director of New Media Lab), Athanasios Pallas (Professor), Stelios Dexis (Assoc. Professor), Babis Venetopoulos (Assoc. Professor), Yiorgos Drosos (Special Teaching Staff), Fani Boudouroglou (Special Teaching Staff), Gioula Papadopoulou (Special Teaching Staff).

The Lab of New Media for Visual Arts of the School of Visual & Applied Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (GR) presents a special selection of students’ works for the Violence Project, initiated by Wilfried Agricola the Cologne and the New Museum of Networked Art.
New Media is one of the educational degree directions of the School of Visual & Applied Arts in Thessaloniki (along with Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking). The curriculum of the New Media Lab offers specialized courses on a wide variety of new media related topics and artistic practices, including video production, contemporary photography, animation, interactive installations, etc.
The compilation includes 14 videos created by students of the New Media Lab with various concepts, techniques and aesthetic forms. Experimenting with audiovisual narration, 3d animation, computer graphics, stop motion and performance the students lead us to their personal view of critical contemporary issues, describing and criticizing with perspicacity and sensitivity a mostly dystopian and depressing present. The works of the students presented here, have been created under the supervision of the teaching staff of the New Media Lab.


Soundart/Sonic Art

NIC:SA – New Institute for Contemporary & Sonic Art

@ The New Museum of Networked Art
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne


sonic art

Debra Petrovitch (Australia)
Marcus Beuter (Germany)
Joan Schuman (USA)
Joseph Nechvatal (France)
Andre Perim (Brazil)
Le Tuan Hung (Vietnam/Australia)
Hernando Urrutia (Portugal)
Alex Topic (UK)
Johannes Gerard (Netherlands)
Thomas Pickarski (USA)
Stéphane Borrel (France)
Marisa Tornello (USA)
Jan de Weille (France)
Gianluca Licciardi (Italy)
David Jason Snow (USA)
Wittwulf Y Malik (Germany)
Danai Gkougia (Greece)
Dawn Davi (Canada)
Samantha Tiussi (Germany)
Athanasia Tsatsou (Greece)
Daniele Virgilio (Italia)
Matze Schmidt (Germany)
Fran Orallo (Spain)
Cezary OSTROWSKI (Poland)

The Sound of Violence

Before anything else, violence is primarily defining iself also through sound, but sound is not representing a mere accompanying phenomenon, but sound can be also dominating unusually violent, in every-day-life, as well as a destructive tool in torture and war, through the misuse of sound – not only in terms of its volume, but also in terms of the assosciations connected with certain kinds of sound, and these destructive phenomena are all – human made. Compared with the natural sounds, the articifially generated sound has always the potential to become a weapon of physical or psychological harm & destruction.
As a project – The Sound of Violence – would like to reflect the destructive potential of violence via the non-visual medium of sound.


art videos by


Shahar Marcus (Israel)
Ian Gibbins (Australia)
Qunyuan WANG (China)
Johann Calderón (Argentina)
Ausín Sáinz (Spain)
Finn Harvour (South Korea)
Hans Overvliet (Netherlands)
Sonja Vuk (Croatia)
AnimaeNoctis (Italy)
Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain)
Dawn Westlake (USA)
Manusamo & Bzika (Manuel Ferrer / Alena Mesarosova) (Spain/Slovakia)
Claude Ciccolella (France)
Michael Fleming (Netherlands)
Johannes Gerard (Netherlands)
Nathaniel Sullivan (USA)
Jody Zellen (USA)
Don Ritter (Canada)
Jocelyn Keyi Wu (China/USA)
Daniela Lucato (Italy)
Hanna Trofimova (Ukraine)
Fran Orallo (Spain)
Peter Whittenberger (USA)
Jean-Michel Rolland (France)
Amanda Kardinal (Germany)
Thomas Valianatos (Greece)
Héctor González (Spain)
Werther Germondari (Italy)

more to come!

digital images by

Begüm Aylin Önder (Turkey)
Eija Temisävä (Finland)
Hagen Klennert (Germany)
Merve Ekiz Kaya (Turkey)
Carla Della Beffa (Italy)
Tashi Honnery (France)
Cheryl Ann Lipstreu (USA)
Sean Burn(UK)
Yuci Zhou (USA)
Christian Bøen (Norway)
Hernando Urrutia (Portugal)


Ideology of Violence
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne


Christiano Berti (Italy)
Heike Liss & Thea Farhadian (USA)
Roland Quelven (France)
Isabelle Rozenbaum (France)
Jens Salander (SWE)
Hadas Tapuchi (IL)
Konstantinos-A. Goutos (GR)
Todd Herman (USA)
Lilia Kopac (Lithuania)
Holger Kiess (Germany)
Hagit Kastel Nachsholi (Israel)

Molyka Bin (Cambodia)
DCM – Royal University of Cambodia
Sopheak Sao (Cambodia)
Sopheak Sao (Cambodia)
Chhuon Sarin (Cambodia)

Roland Fuhrmann (Germany)
Neil Ira Needleman (USA)
Karl F. Stewart /Germany)
Daniel Wechsler (Israel)
Manuel Granados (Spain)
Alison Carmel Ramer (USA)
Pinina Podestà (Italy)
Ausin Sainz (Spain)
Fran Orallo (Spain)
Francesca Fini (Italy)
Daz Disley (UK)

more to come!