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As a conceptual component, Violence TV is going down to the violent aspects of TV/the media in general, as well as is a dynamic section inside The Violence Project featuring a wide range of video programs, and – the title of a new program structure @ Alphabet Art Center featuring videos outside of The Violence Project.

VMM – Violence Motivation Moves

Is a training program for using/promoting violence effectively.


List of videos
Shahar Marcus (Israel) – Dig, 2019, 05:33
Ian Gibbins (Australia) – Heist, 2017, 08:00
Qunyuan WANG (China) – Contrapunctus I, 2021, 04:20
Finn Harvor (South Korea/Canada) – The Wargasm 2, 2017, 3:17
Peter Whittenberger (USA) – All Possible Futures, 2019, 03:51
AnimaeNoctis (Italy) – ultREPLAYviolence, 2022, 05:55
Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Tormenta (The strength of the elements); 2022; 06:15
Johann Calderón (Argentina) – Burn, 2022, 4:00
Manusamo & Bzika (ES/SVK) – Interplanetary colonization, 2021, 4:14
Ausin Sáinz (Spain) – Spain Catalonia_Russia, 2022, 07:48
Jody Zellen (USA) – Photo News, 2019, 18:18
Johannes C. Gerard (NL) – “sky above-sky within”, 2020, 4:54
Nathaniel Sullivan (USA)- Davosboros: Steve Bannon, 2022, 2:23
Sonja Vuk (Croatia) – STOP, 2022, 0:57
Michael Fleming (Netherlands) – Showtime!, 2022, 14:00
Don Ritter (Canada) – Human Humans, 2020, 2:44
Jocelyn Keyi Wu (China/USA) – Eating, 2022, 1:43
Daniela Lucato (Italy) – The things you don’t know about me, mum, 2022, 15:00
Héctor González (Spain) – 1 min apparition inside the WC. Authoritarian hallucinations, 2018, 1:28
Fran Orallo (Spain) – Your Body is a Battlefield, 2017, 4:45
Dawn Westlake (USA)- Scrappy, 2016, 4:17
Claude Ciccolella (France) – Between Heaven and Earth, 2022, 6:50

Shahar Marcus (Israel) - Dig, 2019, 05:33

Shahar Marcus (Israel) – Dig, 2019, 05:33
In this video, a group of young men works hard trying to dig out heavy stones. It is not clear where this action takes place. It might be a house ruined by an earthquake or bombs. The men seem stressed as they keep on digging out the stones. The action repeats itself in a perpetual loop. Thus, the reason for and the goal of their action is never revealed. This action becomes more and more familiar to the beholder as he might see it on the news it becomes part of our life but usually, it happens in a faraway place

Shahar Marcus
is an Israeli-based artist who primarily works in the medium of performance and video art. His initial works dealt with the exploration of his own body and its limitations- incorporating various perishable materials, such as dough, juice, and ice. His most recent works deal with local political issues, by approaching iconic Israeli landmarks with a critical and humorous point of view. Thus, Marcus reflects on his own heritage, environment, and the creation of local historical narratives. His works are influenced by the visual language of cinematography along with familiar themes and tributes to art – history, and artists, such as Ives Klein, Paul McCarthy, Peter Greenway, and Jackson pollock.

Ian Gibbins (Australia) - Heist, 2017, 08:00

Ian Gibbins (Australia) – Heist, 2017, 08:00
// * Calculating_our_options, we_talked_about * //
> C:\ [Raid 1] clandestine_surveillance, sleeplessness;
> D:\ [Raid 2] digital_account_protocols, stolen_cars;
> E:\ [Raid 3] handwritten_code, avarice_and_betrayal;
> V:\ [Raid 4] execution, small_arms_fire (countersunk_beleaguered).
Plans for criminal activity go awry in the face of unexpected pitfalls. Has someone been betrayed?
Has the code been hacked? Who will pay the retribution? At some stage, you know there will be

Ian Gibbins
is a widely published and exhibited poet, video artist and electronic musician living in South Australia. His video poetry, video art and audio art have been exhibited to acclaim at
festivals, installations, galleries and public art displays around the world. Until he retired in 2014, Ian was an internationally recognised neuroscientist and Professor of Anatomy at Flinders
University, South Australia.

Qunyuan WANG (China) - Contrapunctus I, 2021, 04:20

Qunyuan WANG (China) – Contrapunctus I, 2021, 04:20
Artist Qunyuan Wang created this work by collecting of video footage. These materials include surveillance videos, amateur street photography videos, and documentaries. The whole work uses an unconventional mode to show the process of violent evolution. From street violence to war, why human beings are so keen on violence.

Qunyuan Wang
is a 32 year old contemporary artist. Qunyuan Wang is a Chinese male artist born in 1989. Now studying at the Düsseldorf Art Academy by Prof.Marcel Odenbach. Lives and works in Düsseldorf. Selected for Kunstpreis des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen in 2022.

My work explores the relationship between multiculturalism and emotional memories. With influences as diverse as Marcel Odenbach and Sigmar Polke, new combinations are distilled from both simple and complex discourse. Ever since I was a student I have been fascinated by the essential unreality of the zeitgeist. What starts out as triumph soon becomes manipulated into a tragedy of lust, leaving only a sense of what could have been and the prospect of a new synthesis. As shifting forms become clarified through emergent and critical practice, the viewer is left with an epitaph for the possibilities of our culture.

Finn Harvor (South Korea/Canada) - The Wargasm 2, 2017, 3:17

Finn Harvour (South Korea/Canada) – The Wargasm 2, 2017, 3:17
a hip-hop videopoem about those men — those boys — that governments send to fight and die, and the nihilistic reality they survive in.

Finn Harvor
Award-winning filmmaker/ artist/ writer. Work screened in South Korea, China, India, Pakistan, Italy, Germany, Serbia, the UK, the US, Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere. Interested in the Anthropocene, contemporary war, geopolitics, and family dynamics.

Peter Whittenberger (USA) - All Possible Futuresm 2019, 03:51

Peter Whittenberger (USA) – All Possible Futuresm 2019, 03:51
Set in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and overlooking the scenic Truckee Meadows, “All Possible Futures” is a journey through time that focuses on the possible impact of forgotten nuclear waste storage on three fictitious societies, existing many millennia in the future. All Possible Futures asks what our responsibility is to future cultures and how our decisions impact a future we cannot possibly know.

Peter Whittenberger
is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores how the nature of the landscape serves as a continuous network of time and history, containing the data of all Earth’s species. Growing up in Eastern Montana, Whittenberger received his BFA from the University of Montana, Missoula and his MFA from the University of Nevada, Reno. Whittenberger has shown his work in the FILE Festival, Supernova Digital Animation Festival, the Athens Animfest, the 2-Minute Film Festival at the Carnegie Museum of Art, and many others across Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and South America.

AnimaeNoctis (Italy) - ultREPLAYviolence, 2022, 05:55

AnimaeNoctis (Italy) – ultREPLAYviolence, 2022, 05:55
2 performers are in an empty circular space. It hosted an anti-ship cannon in WWII. They commit a series of senseless violence acts, and destroy 3 items. The technical repetition of these acts via the editing makes the violence never-ending. The performers are also speechless spectators and editors of their work, and everyone watching the final video is a spectator too. Every look makes the violence alive again.

AnimaeNoctis – Silvia Marcantoni Taddei & Massimo Sannelli
AnimaeNoctis is a multimedia duo. Music & performance art are the core scaffolding of its story. And this story talks about reloved bodies, reloaded bodies, struggle for happiness and avantgarde pop.

Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) - Tormenta (The strength of the elements); 2022; 06:15

Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Tormenta (The strength of the elements); 2022; 06:15
Piece belonging to the project “Force of the elements”, which is composed of three videos. Each of them represents a phenomenon of nature as a metaphor for the future of the human being before
elusive and uncontrolled forces, which appear and disappear in a dance of perpetual transformation. Transforming the territories, transforming the bodies in their continuous and violent movement.

Isabel Pérez del Pulgar
Born in Granada (Spain) with residence in France since 2015. Degree in Geography and Stories with the specialty of Art by the University of Granada.
In the mid-2000s she adopted as a way of creating and expressing the video. Video as an experimentation vehicle, where the movement is combined, sound and pictorial vision. At the same time, performance is acquiring a greater presence as a means of work. The body like protagonist element and narrative driver.

Johann Calderón (Argentina) - Burn, 2022, 4:00

Johann Calderón (Argentina) – Burn, 2022, 4:00
„Burn“ is a 4 minutes minimalistic video art piece about the decline of cultures. The hands represent rhythm & repetition as well as – in a figurative sense – helplessness, anger and protest.
In the center you see video footage of Persepolis from pre-Covid19 times. „Burn“ is inspired by the story of Alexander the Great, when he had the city of Persepolis and parts of the palace city set on fire. This event is merely a proxy for all rulers, statesmen and especially their servants throughout history, who left nothing but ashes behind them. The burning is to be understood symbolically and serves as a reflection of our times and the burning down of truthfulness, values, traditions and an attack on the human spirit

Johann Calderón
is a german painter / media designer / video artist. He studied Visual Communication at the HS Peter Behrens School of Arts in Düsseldorf Germany with the main focus on Fine Arts, Video, Photography & Graphic Design. He lives and works in Córdoba, Argentina.

Manusamo & Bzika (ES/SVK) - Interplanetary colonization, 2021, 4:14

Manusamo & Bzika (ES/SK) – Interplanetary colonization, 2021, 4:14
The work shows a vision of the future forms of planetary colonization, where humans are forced to explore outer space, through a new form of in-vitro human gestation, where in the first expeditions. The birth of humans in an inhospitable environment is conditioned by technological mediation. Establishing a strong link in the relationship between the biological and the technological, a crucial form of symbiosis in human evolution.

Manusamo & Bzika (Manuel Ferrer / Alena Mesarosova)
Manusamo & Bzika is an interdisciplinary group created by Manuel Ferrer Hernandéz (visual artist) and Alena Mesarosova (architect) focused on the creation of interactive installations involving the use of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), ,3D modelling. In their artistic productions they use Game-Engines (Unity 3D & Unreal) as an essential creative art tool. Started in 2008, the group has produced AR creative work for numerous festivals and projects.

Ausin Sáinz (Spain) - Spain Catalonia_Russia, 2022, 07:48

Ausin Sáinz (Spain) – Spain Catalonia_Russia, 2022, 07:48
In Spain there has been a lot of violence, due to an independence movement in a region, Catalonia. Now it has been discovered that Russia encouraged this revolution in different ways. In this video I imagine what could have happened. If a war had broken out, the most important monuments in the small cities of the interior could have been destroyed. irrecoverable damage would be produced to the artistic heritage of the rest of Spain. The source of wealth for these small towns, tourism, would have disappeared.

Ausin Sáinz
Trained at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Salamanca where he specialized in Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design and Audiovisual Communication, Ausín Sáinz has come a long way from his beginnings to his latest video creations and urban installations. His work, of figurative and baroque aesthetics, disturbing and not at all complacent, has been seen in numerous spaces both in Spain and in other countries.

Jody Zellen (USA) - Photo News, 2019, 18:18

Jody Zellen (USA) – Photo News, 2019, 18:18
Photo News is a film created from a daily Instagram project. From Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2019, a digital photo-collage was created by reshooting a photograph and its accompanying headline from that days print newspaper and posting it to Instagram. The entire headline serves as the Instagram caption, while the collage has only a fragment of that text. Though referencing actual events, these images can be read as poetic fragments, that embrace ambiguity while simultaneously allude to world news. These images were later sequenced into a video that cycles through each image at 3 seconds per image. A score composed by David Scheffler enhances the images adding a haunting and enigmatic aura to the work.

Jody Zellen
is a Los Angeles based artist who works in many media simultaneously. She makes interactive installations, app art, net art, drawings, paintings, photographs, public art, and artists’ books. She constantly thinks about ways to use new technologies and to integrate interactivity into her artworks. While Zellen’s work engages with technology, she also still makes things by hand. To that end she draws and paints as well as creates animations and augmented reality experiences. She received a BA from Wesleyan University (1983), a MFA from CalArts (1989) and a MPS from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (2009). Please visit for more information.

Johannes C. Gerard (NL) - “sky above-sky within”, 2020, 4:54

Johannes C. Gerard (NL) – “sky above-sky within”, 2020, 4:54
A woman isolated, covered and tied up under two windows. Set into a sky of floating clouds. But the sky reflects no freedom . It is a sky of calamity and violence Stripping of any signs any status or protection, she is as the is. In her nakedness she becomes a metaphor for our vulnerability, isolation, for our own thought, ideas and expressions Violence mustn’t be every time physical or visible. Creating a sphere of subtle fear and oppression within our environment and mental state of mind. It is poisoning, paralyzing, almost impossible to escape from, if at all

Johannes C. Gerard
at the Dun Laoghaire School of Art and Design (now IADT), Dublin, Ireland. He worked in various places around the world, including in Europe, Asia, Australia North and South Americas and West Africa. Since 2014 his work focus on interdisciplinary and international collaborative projects.

Nathaniel Sullivan (USA)- Davosboros: Steve Bannon, 2022, 2:23

Nathaniel Sullivan (USA) – Davosboros: Steve Bannon, 2022, 2:23
Davosboros is a series of videos that plunge into the depths of the psychological disorders of elites. In this episode, Steve Bannon follows the logic of his media strategy of “flooding the zone with shit”.

Nathaniel Sullivan
is a creative non-fiction artist, based in New York City. He makes documentary videos, multimedia lecture performances and site-specific guided tours. He uses these forms of truth telling to combine facts with speculative ideas in order to explore the roots of power and social control. Often, he uses one character and an event from their real life as a way into the story.

Sonja Vuk (Croatia) - STOP, 2022, 0:57

Sonja Vuk (Croatia) – STOP, 2022, 0:57
The title is taken from a well-known song whose refrain was used as an expression of despair and fear of the war threat. Endangerment of everyday life and the powerlessness of the common man is contrasted with the force of the uniform or the need for self-defense. At the same time, it is a call to people to reason and replace hatred with positive feelings.

Sonja Vuk
is an artist and art educator. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (HR) and also the Academy of Fine Arts and Art Education in Tilburg (NL) and did a post-graduate course in three-dimensional art at the same establishment. She acquired post-graduate master’s degree in video at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, and PhD in art education at the Education Faculty in Ljubljana (SI). She deals with video art and interdisciplinary projects that test out social issues, and network experts from various areas, primarily education, psychology and sociology.

Michael Fleming (Netherlands) - Showtime!, 2022, 14:00

Michael Fleming (Netherlands) – Showtime!, 2022, 14:00
Our consumer society is dominated by show, the “outside world” passes us by as a long stream of images without much meaning. We have become passive spectators of pictures from popular culture, the media and advertising, we are swallowed up by them and experience less and less difference between image and reality, yearning for sovereignty, wanting to be transcendent, for liberation and looking for cohesion, justice, reason, coherence and like-mindedness. In short; control versus loss. Entangled in this dichotomy, the intertwining, the intermingling of waste and utility brings us into a supplementary tension; drowning in this void in search for an eternal present!

Michael Fleming
is an Amsterdam based visual artist. In essence his work appropriates iconic cultural images, altering them to highlight underlying issues. His ‘moving paintings’ are primarily made out of found footage, using feature films, advertising and pop-cultural scenes completed into a mesmerising montage of images. Flemings work has been featured in exhibitions and film festivals internationally.

Don Ritter (Canada) - Human Humans, 2020, 2:44

Don Ritter (Canada) – Human Humans, 2020, 2:44
Human Humans is an ironic allegory about a pig, a cow and a philosopher. The animation is comprised of four short narratives, each having a visual style reminiscent of road signs. The animation and text allude to humanity’s transformation from an agrarian lifestyle to a globalized existence based on consumerism, mass media, impudence, aggression and discrimination. Each narrative ends with a cow emblazoned with a prohibitive text message.
Don Ritter: concept, animation and sound editing // Thomas Dimuzio: background music // produced with support from the Canada Council for the Arts

Don Ritter
is a Canadian artist and writer who has worked in the field of media art since 1988. His interdisciplinary artworks and writings integrate fine art and digital media with aesthetics and ethics. His recent work includes large architectural projections based on the symbolism of fire and water, and metal prints and animations resembling road signs that convey issues of sustainability and ontology. Ritter’s work has been exhibited throughout North America, Europe and Asia, including SITE Santa Fe (USA), Winter Olympics 2010 Cultural Olympiad (Vancouver), Sonambiente Sound Festival (Berlin), Verona Jazz Festival (Italy), Exit Festival (Paris),and Ars Electronica Festival (Linz).

Jocelyn Keyi Wu (China/USA) - Eating, 2022, 1:43

Jocelyn Keyi Wu (China/USA) – Eating, 2022, 1:43
The film tells the inner monologue of a person who eats five different oneself. The diversity of split personalities is irresistible. The film tells the whole process of one person’s character “eating” the other five characters.

Jocelyn Keyi Wu
is a video artist from Beijing, China. Now living in New York, USA, studying at the School of Visual Arts, majoring in photography and video. I hope to express mental health to the public through experiments and fashion films so the audience can understand the diversity of various mental illnesses and feel the psychological changes of patients with mental illnesses.

Daniela Lucato (Italy) - The things you don't know about me, mum, 2022, 15:00

Daniela Lucato (Italy) – The things you don’t know about me, mum, 2022, 15:00
Luz is a survivor of the Pinochet regime. Forty years after she left Chile, in a sort of a diary page, Luz imagines to tell her mother the things that she didn’t want to know.

Daniela Lucato
started playing theatre in Padua (Italy) parallel to her studies at the university. After her degree in Philosophy she moved to Rome, Wellington and finally Berlin where she works as an actress/filmmaker.

Héctor González (Spain) - 1 min apparition inside the WC. Authoritarian hallucinations, 2018, 1:28

Héctor González (Spain) – 1 min apparition inside the WC. Authoritarian hallucinations, 2018, 1:28
A depiction of the illogical and the horrible. The viewer is not sure if the strange ‘thing’ in the toilet is really there or is just a visual hallucination of a part of himself that’s escaped
the toilet.
The hypothetical visual representation of the figure of Adolf Hitler in video art, used to manifest an abstract concept, can be seen as a controversial statement. What is the point of it? Using Hitler’s symbol to illustrate an idea might invoke all kinds of inappropriate reactions, but here he shows the banality of evil, and how it manifests itself in our normal day to day life in the most irrelevant acts of daily life.

Héctor González
My projects explore the intersections between technology, science and the processes of artistic production. I do not focus on a specific field of creation. My projects often consists of multiple disciplines, working in a range of formats and technics. I experiment with different media art genres like Bio, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Video Art, often combining them with more traditional techniques like painting and sculpture. I explore the varying relationships between humanistic sciences and socio-political ideas in a visual way, projecting some philosophical concerns about the presence of the human being in the Zeitgeist of our contemporary digital society.

Fran Orallo (Spain) - Your Body is a Battlefield, 2017, 4:45

Fran Orallo (Spain) – Your Body is a Battlefield, 2017, 4:45
The video takes as its title the phrase of the artist Bárbara Kruger that became a slogan of the feminist activists of the late 80s, “your body is a battlefield”. The work stages this phrase by showing the bodies of several women on which images from war documentaries have been projected.
The intention is to investigate languages and alliances in relation to bodies and their generic, racial, and class marks, without forgetting their geographical and historical trajectories. Claiming the woman’s body, her right to decide on it and its non-objectualization.

Fran Orallo
was born in Badajoz in 1979. In 2001 he moved to Valencia where he graduate in art from the Technical University of Valencia (UPV). During this period he moved with an Erasmus scholarship to Bordeaux College of Art Bordeaux (France) the second semester of the year 2004/05 and participate in different collective expositions organized by the university.
He currently resides in Glasgow, Scotland and his work has been shown in several exhibitions, biennales, ferias, and international festivals all over the world, having projected in more than 30 countries. Also, his work appears in several catalogs published by different institutions.

Dawn Westlake (USA)- Scrappy, 2016, 4:17

Dawn Westlake
is president of Ron de Cana Prods, Inc. in Los Angeles. She has made 22 films since 2000 which have won 85 awards, including honors from JVC-Tokyo and Canon USA. Dawn is also an actress/writer/producer and has judged film festivals in the US, Italy, Portugal and France.

Dawn Westlake (USA) – Scrappy, 2016, 4:17
Quick action on the side of love can sometimes conquer hate.

Claude Ciccolella (France) - Between Heaven and Earth, 2022, 6:50

Claude Ciccolella (France) – Between Heaven and Earth, 2022, 6:50
This second part of the trauma of natural disaster, begins with a pareidolia that transforms into a visual cascade of tornadoes, to end with images documenting the ruin of cities and fields after the cataclysm. On this destructive phenomenon is superimposed a written and homodiegetic narration where only the author expresses his desire without any real evocation of sexual consent

Claude Ciccolella
born in 1959 in Paris and living in Marseille studied science at university. From 1990, he turned to sculpture, monochromes and in 1998 video. In 2000 he created the Image Contre
Nature festival, which he curated and programmed for 18 years. In 2010, he participated in the creation of the Chartreux theater and was its stage manager for 7 years. From 1999 to 2022 he
produced thirty five videos screened in festivals, museums, TV and exhibitions. In 2018 his installation Quadriptych 12.08.02 was shown at Aix-en-Provence School of Art. Main themes of his
work: disappearance and existentialism.